Too many active people in Waxahachie are frustrated because nagging pain or a new injury is keeping them from doing the things they love.

When pain wont go away it can make you feel frustrated, hopeless thinking you will never get better, you become scared to move, and get stuck worrying about pain. New injuries can make you feel annoyed when they stop your day to day routine, make you unsure of what daily movement is safe and can make it hard to see a hope for your recovery.

We provide the best chiropractic care, soft-tissue muscle work, rehab exercises and pain education to give you the confidence to get back to your life again so that you can get better and stay better. You deserve to get back to enjoying the things you love doing in everyday life again.

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Discover pain-free movements that enable you to take back your life.

We know the frustrations you feel when new injuries or pain that wont go away make you feel like you've lost control. You deserve the solutions to get back control. Dr. Hendrix is your Waxahachie specialist in conservative muscle and skeletal pain management.
Feel Better, Faster... Stay Better Longer!
You need an office who can speed up your recovery and keep you out of pain longer.
Have The Treatment Options You Need At Your Disposal
Extensive and broad treatment options under one roof.
Get The Personal Care You Deserve
You deserve focused quality time on solving your pain.
You should expect more from your chiropractor.
We take the time to listen. You'll never feel like a file or a number.

We focus on making sure you get total care. A typical office visit will have all of these or some combination of your choosing:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Soft tissue treatment for aching muscles
  • Rehabilitation at our in-house gym so that you stay healthy
  • Pain education to help you be confident in moving daily and know when you need a helping hand

Chiro MSK Mission
To be on the cutting edge of conservative neuromusculoskeletal treatment so we can help people rediscover the joy of movement
which allows them to once again do what they love free from pain.

Chiro MSK Vision
To shift the paradigm of pain management and wellness away from traditional codependent treatments towards patient empowerment through the use of traditional therapies and biopsychosocial education to free up and reassure patients that it is in their best long term interest to use movement and loading based treatments routinely

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Dr. Dustin Hendrix understands the thrill of being able to overcome an injury and feel stronger than you did before.
Dr. Hendrix is a clinical professor at Parker Chiropractor College in Dallas. Doctor of Chiropractic, BS Kinesiology & Human Performance, BS Human Biology, Dry Needling Certified, FAKTR, NASM-CES

Dr. Hendrix will do everything he can to help you recover and stay at your best. He is passionate about helping active people of any age return to doing the things that they love without depending on drugs or surgery.

If you're struggling every day with injuries that you can't seem to fix on your own, schedule an appointment right away.

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Dr. Hendrix has the following affiliations and certifications:

Dry Needling Certification
Parker University
"Began working alongside Doctor Hendrix this year at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. Dr Hendrix has done a fabulous job helping to keep our athletes on the field and injury free.

All of our athletes love the services that they provide. Thank you Chiro MSK Specialists for becoming a partner with the SAGU Sports Medicine Team.."

-Stuart Dunn, Google Review

From feeling like you can't move to being fully active again.

This is our simple process:
Schedule Your Initial Exam
Listen to your story, answer any questions and get your first treatment.
Get A Personalized Plan
Learn how to move without pain.
Get Better, Stay Better
With treatment and gym classes you'll be healthy and stay healthy.

Wondering if chiropractic care is right for you?

Watch this video to learn about how chiropractic care can help you start feeling better and moving again.

It's time to start feeling great doing everyday activities.

Nothing is harder to hear about than a patient who had to stop doing what they love and had to receive unnecessary medications or surgeries for something that could have been addressed in our office.

Rediscover the joy of movement without pain through our treatments and gym.

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